Happy Raksha Bandhan/ Rakhi 2014 facts

A bond which has no strings, a bond which is hard to break. Love can’t be seen, love only exist between siblings. A relation of brothers and sisters is like friends grown up together, a relation in which brother and sister always fights. But they are real survivor of each other.
Just the opposite’s brothers and sisters are but still the mirror for the each other’s part. Whether there are wrong or right or fight all night. But still they are the first one to give a little light in bad dark night.
A bond they share on a day of rakhi is celebrated but this bond is not a guest of some strings they wear.
Brothers or sisters, special gift of god as if a person is blessed a new part.
As they grow they and get apart from each other the love grows deep and Bond gets stronger between them. A wish who wishes you always is a part that cares for you honestly.
A soul mate is not the lovers but the brother and sisters are because they actually know what you are and what you need in both good and bad times.
Brother and sisters not defined by blood group and DNA. They are tested by love and support that they provide to each other and in the dark nights they dare to support you without hesitating.
A relation in which you can be a kid, a relation that shares food, A relation when someone defend from others, A relation in which scolds you for all the naughty things you do, for any miss happening someone defends  each other.  A love for which the words are left but feelings are true.  Like a relation made by god so pure and true.

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