Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi gift ideas (2014)


Happy rakhi 2014 to all. Hope everyone is excited to have joyful  time this season. I can sense the feeling of each brother and sister how keen they are to exchange gifts among themselves. Specially sisters wait desperately for their brothers to come and bring loads of gifts which is a precious as well as special to them.

But then the main source of problem come for both brother and sister: What to give?
Everyone seeks new rakhi gift ideas and something different every year to make their beloved ones special and to make that gift remember-able for whole life.

But choosing gift is not walking on cake because everyone has different budget and ideas. And most importantly to find them in market.
So here I have some better rakhi gift ideas on occasion of rakhi 2014.

Rakhi gift ideas 2014 for brothers:

Daily grooming - things men use for dialing grooming like shaving kit pair of deos etc

Wallets - most essential for every men

Gadgets - pen drives, headphones, tablets, mobile phone, etc.

Watches - a good timepiece is favorite of everyone

There can be loads of other items to give to your brother even endless you just to know the interest of your brother it can be of diversity of a single chocolate to iPhone so decide wise and wish you a happy rakhi 2014.

Rakhi gift ideas 2014 for sisters:

Jewelry - every girl want to look princes of her own world and desires more and more accessories. One can gift artificial, pearls, neck pieces etc. budget is not the limit for jewelry.

Perfume-to smell good is basic etiquette's so this item is important

Handbags-one thing that girl never leave home is her handbag. Most essential part of every women.

Showpieces-collection of good amount of antiques available in the market

Many more can be also there like teddies, flowers, accessories, good luck charms, chocolates, dresses etc.    

Hope you loved these Rakhi Gift ideas. So if you have some more rakhi gift ideas why don’t you share it with us in comments?
God bless you all this rakhi 2014 will be full of surprises and excitement for both brothers and sisters so enjoy to fullest.
HAPPY RAKHI 2014 to you all.

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